Palo Alto Daily News

Views are already beginning to clash as the California high-speed rail project begins its development process. But until environmental and design reports are available, many questions are to be left unanswered.
Nov 19, 2008   Palo Alto Daily News
<p>Caltrain's bicycle program has proven so popular that bike riders are regularly 'bumped', i.e they are left at the platform because the bike capacity has been reached, and relief doesn't appear to be forthcoming.</p>
Dec 5, 2007   Palo Alto Daily News
<p>In Palo Alto, California, -- one of the country's most affluent and least affordable cities -- the City Council and residents are now wrestling with a regional housing allocation assigned by the Association of Bay Area Governments.</p>
Oct 17, 2007   Palo Alto Daily News
<p>A San Mateo County supervisor is proposing that the county reward developers of environmentally-friendly projects with faster permit approvals.</p>
Jul 21, 2007   Palo Alto Daily News
<p>A neighboring city has tendered its support of a plan to set aside 5 acres of a planned housing development in Mountain View, California, as an educational urban farm space. Some officials see the vote of support as outsider meddling.</p>
Feb 17, 2007   Palo Alto Daily News
<p>East Palo Alto may be one of the few U.S cities of 30,000 residents lacking a supermarket. Now this 23-year-old city is close to getting one on a 6-acre vacant lot, but increased land costs forced the new developer to renegotiate the prior plan.</p>
Jan 18, 2007   Palo Alto Daily News