Deseret Morning News

<p>Sprawl is consuming small towns in Utah, and creating one of the largest megapolitan regions in the U.S.</p>
May 21, 2008   Deseret Morning News
<p>A graduate planning student at the University of Utah has compiled a report on the effect of skybridges as part of her efforts to combat the proposed skybridge for downtown Salt Lake City.</p>
Apr 2, 2008   Deseret Morning News
<p>Despite its tax benefits, a big mixed-use project in Salt Lake City is being blamed for making the downtown a virtual deadzone.</p>
Oct 30, 2007   Deseret Morning News
<p>Through a fund-matching program organized with the Mexican government, ex-patriates in the United States are able to contribute money to their home villages in Mexico for infrastructure projects that receive three-to-one matching government funds.</p>
Sep 19, 2007   Deseret Morning News
<p>Salt Lake City residents are upset over a developer using his powerful clout to reroute a planned light rail line so it would not interfere with access points to his shopping mall.</p>
Sep 2, 2007   Deseret Morning News
<p>This article from Utah's <em>Deseret Morning News</em> shows images of a large mixed used development designed by Frank Gehry. This development will include the tallest building in Utah.</p>
Feb 3, 2007   Deseret Morning News
<p>A suburban Salt Lake City mayor has expressed interest in adding light rail to a list of desires for his city's long-term planning process. High costs and a low estimated demand are cited by opponents.</p>
Jan 23, 2007   Deseret Morning News