Austin American Statesman

<p>This commentary from the <em>Austin American Statesman</em> argues that the city's aim to become the country's most livable city is undercut by its low number of community gardens.</p>
May 7, 2008   Austin American Statesman
<p>Austin's South by Southwest music conference and festival is expected to bring nearly $100 million to the city -- more than double last year's amount.</p>
Mar 2, 2008   Austin American Statesman
<p>The mayor of Austin, Texas, wants his city to consider funding a passenger rail system to traverse the city -- a more extensive system than the commuter rail line currently being built in the Austin area.</p>
Oct 25, 2007   Austin American Statesman
<p>Special districts would allow cities and counties in Central Texas to impose development rules and collect sales and property taxes to pay for roads, streets and utility improvements without requiring immediate provision of city services.</p>
Mar 8, 2007   Austin American Statesman
<p>A State legislature is proposing a bill that would essentially gut Austin's recently passed 'McMansion' ordinance.</p>
Mar 1, 2007   Austin American Statesman
<p>Developer and national homebuilder Robert Toll of Toll Brothers discusses his company's decision to expand its homebuilding from the suburbs into high density urban development.</p>
Dec 26, 2006   Austin American Statesman