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Few planning efforts in the country have provoked as much commentary and criticism as Cleveland's $330 million Opportunity Corridor. The city recently pushed for more improvements, and the state seems receptive.
4 days ago   The Plain Dealer
Executives of Rock Gaming LLC and its partner, Caesars Entertainment Corp, are hoping to revitalize Cleveland's downtown nightlife and create connections with nearby businesses by building Horseshoe Casino Cleveland.
Oct 18, 2011   The Plain Dealer
Despite the unfortunate timing of its renovation, Cleveland's Euclid corridor continues to drive development for the city.
Dec 4, 2009   The Plain Dealer
<p>As part of a mixed use development proposal, the 1971 Marcel Breuer-designed office tower in Cleveland would become a boutique hotel and residences. The adjacent Cleveland Trust rotunda, designed by G. B. Post &amp; Sons, would become the hotel's lobby.</p>
Jan 19, 2008   The Plain Dealer
<p>Growth and urban development are posing significant threats to air quality in Northeast Ohio, and many planners are looking at ways to reduce the threats.</p>
Dec 28, 2007   The Plain Dealer
<p>A group of suburban mayors in the Cleveland area have proposed combining many of their cities' services to create a regional government structure they say will improve the area's economy and community planning.</p>
Apr 24, 2007   The Plain Dealer
<p>Representatives from seven Northeast Ohio counties are looking to form a regional partnership that would include tax-sharing, comprehensive regional planning and an equitable distribution of service and affordable housing.</p>
Dec 22, 2006   The Plain Dealer
Some plans are so bad they deserve to die on the drawing board, complains columnist Steve Litt about a new plan to speed traffic through Cleveland's downtown inner belt.
Mar 25, 2005   The Plain Dealer
An amused and exasperated Richard Florida explains that his theories are based on economic development principles.
Nov 2, 2004   The Plain Dealer
Cleveland has the highest poverty rate among America's big cities, according to newly-released Census data.
Aug 30, 2004   The Plain Dealer
An editorial by Bruce Katz and Mark Muro urges presidential candidates to discuss the Rust Belt's struggling cities and metro areas.
Aug 12, 2004   The Plain Dealer