The Plain Dealer

The 'biggest regional planning effort in a generation' is providing residents of twelve Northeast Ohio counties with an opportunity to discuss how the area can leverage its existing infrastructure rather than continuing to sprawl.
Aug 2, 2013   The Plain Dealer
Some plans are so bad they deserve to die on the drawing board, complains columnist Steve Litt about a new plan to speed traffic through Cleveland's downtown inner belt.
Mar 25, 2005   The Plain Dealer
An amused and exasperated Richard Florida explains that his theories are based on economic development principles.
Nov 2, 2004   The Plain Dealer
Cleveland has the highest poverty rate among America's big cities, according to newly-released Census data.
Aug 30, 2004   The Plain Dealer
An editorial by Bruce Katz and Mark Muro urges presidential candidates to discuss the Rust Belt's struggling cities and metro areas.
Aug 12, 2004   The Plain Dealer
A 'civic innovation lab' encourages and supports residents who want to invigorate the city's economy.
Sep 19, 2003   The Plain Dealer
Faced with having to move out to the suburbs to find space that meets their needs, a firm finds an old church building and calls it 'a godsend.'
Sep 17, 2003   The Plain Dealer