Fort Worth Star-Telegram

City officials in Fort Worth, Texas, have backed out of plans to build a streetcar downtown.
Dec 10, 2010   Fort Worth Star-Telegram
It would take at least an additional 10-cent tax on gasoline to fund transit and transportation projects in metropolitan Dallas-Fort Worth, according to city officials who want to ask voters to allow the increases.
May 9, 2009   Fort Worth Star-Telegram
A streetcar system and commuter rail line are now officially part of a regional plan for the Fort Worth area.
Apr 13, 2009   Fort Worth Star-Telegram
<p>Officials in Fort Worth, Texas weigh regulations for natural gas compression stations arising from a boom in drilling shale for natural gas.</p>
Jul 29, 2008   Fort Worth Star-Telegram
<p>Fort Worth, Texas officials try to tackle the thorny issue of gas pipelines snaking through residential neighborhoods.</p>
Jun 25, 2008   Fort Worth Star-Telegram
<p>Rather than investing in new downtown development projects and hoping for people to come, Fort Worth, Texas, is trying to attract more residents downtown with street fairs and events, building a customer base for any future development.</p>
Jun 16, 2007   Fort Worth Star-Telegram
<p>A regional rail system is being planned for the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but lawmakers can't agree on how the project will be funded.</p>
Dec 15, 2006   Fort Worth Star-Telegram