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Calgary found out the hard way that you don't have to be a coastal city to experience the waterborne ravages of a changing climate. For years, warnings from scientists and analysts have been ignored. Will the "Great Flood" achieve what they couldn't?
Jun 25, 2013   The Tyee
<p>A vortex of winds has concentrated garbage and plastic flotsam into a huge island of garbage in the middle of the Pacific Ocean -- an unintentionally man-made mass that is growing at a rapid pace.</p>
Nov 22, 2007   The Tyee
<p>Plans for "EcoDensity" in Vancouver are at odd with the city's willingness to allow big box development, according to this article.</p>
Nov 9, 2007   The Tyee
<p>What it will take to provide needed shelter before the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games?</p>
Jun 4, 2007   The Tyee
<p>As Vancouver prepares for the 2010 Winter Olympics, rampant homelessness and a lack of affordable low-income housing threatens to tarnish the city's Olympic gold.</p>
May 31, 2007   The Tyee
<p>The provincial government in British Columbia has purchased 11 residential hotels in an effort to improve its handling of a rapidly increasing homeless population.</p>
Apr 5, 2007   The Tyee
<p>The father of New Urbanism takes on avant-garde architects and environmentalists as he talks about his latest project in Vancouver, Canada.</p>
Jan 16, 2007   The Tyee
<p>Demand for locally-grown food is increasing in Canada, but the number of organic growers has shown a national decline. A shortage of organic processing plants -- especially those used for meats -- is a limiting factor in the 'slow food' movement.</p>
Dec 31, 2006   The Tyee
<p>A new report suggests that Vancouver, widely regarded as the world's "most livable" city, is facing a growing population of working poor, inaccessibly expensive housing, and increasing social inequities among minority groups.</p>
Nov 28, 2006   The Tyee