The American

Joel Kotkin says that the recent Republican win in Massachusetts shows that suburban voters are in revolt against the Obama administration's urban-centric policies.
Jan 21, 2010   The American
<p>Taxpayers typically contribute more than 50 percent of the cost of a new stadium or arena these days, but what are they getting for their money?</p>
Apr 30, 2008   The American
<p>Urban renewal projects intended to help the poor in struggling neighborhoods really do the opposite, writes Timothy B. Lee.</p>
Oct 24, 2007   The American
<p>With the post 9/11 displacement of many financial firms, residents, along with restaurants and shops, have started to move into the area -- remaking the financial hub into a desirable place to live.</p>
Feb 8, 2007   The American
<p>Joel Kotkin makes the case for the coming decline of dense, coastal metropolises and the rise of second- and third-tier suburban cities of the Sunbelt.</p>
Nov 27, 2006   The American