San Mateo Daily Journal

The San Francisco to San Jose Caltrain commuter rail line continues to set ridership records, but capacity has not increased, much to riders' chagrin. Starting today, four train sets will add a sixth car, courtesy of Metrolink commuter rail.
May 11, 2015   San Mateo Daily Journal
San Mateo County, hotbed of opposition to high speed rail, including numerous lawsuits, might be better served by following the 1960s Berkeley example in passing a bond to tunnel the train through the impacted cities, suggests local editor.
Aug 12, 2010   San Mateo Daily Journal
<p>While other cities ponder various types of smoking bans, a small suburb on the San Francisco peninsula has gone 'all the way', banning the activity in all places except single-family detached residences.</p>
Nov 18, 2006   San Mateo Daily Journal