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A widely publicized guerrilla wayfinding campaign meant to give helpful guidance and encouragement to those exploring the city of Raleigh on foot has been quashed by the City Planning Director, report Chelsea Kellner and Bruce Siceloff.
Feb 24, 2012   The News & Observer
<p>In downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, a new group of citizens are giving their city's image a boost by providing a variety of services, from picking up litter to redirecting lost visitors.</p>
Nov 8, 2006   The News & Observer
North Carolina passes a law banning electric or barbed-wire fences around public housing complexes.
Aug 26, 2004   The News & Observer
Commuters in North Carolina's greater Triangle area do not have any choice but to drive amidst skyrocketing gas prices. Local urban planning experts blame consumer attitudes and the region's suburban character.
Jun 28, 2004   The News & Observer
Contradicting smart growth advocates, a study concludes that road construction does not lead to more sprawl.
Oct 2, 2003   The News & Observer
A study commissioned by NCDOT finds that HOV lanes for the research Triangle region are far more expensive than anticipated.
Sep 17, 2003   The News & Observer
A 2-part story looks at efforts to preserve North Carolina's coast which are undermined by actions of the state legislature.
Jul 9, 2003   The News & Observer
A contest inspired by 'SimCity' gives middle-schoolers a taste of the complexities of city planning -- and the fun of making a perfect place
Feb 10, 2003   The News & Observer
On an online forum, New Urbanism enthusiasts discussed if urban sprawl aided the Washington-area sniper. Is the allegation just suburbia-bashing?
Nov 13, 2002   The News & Observer
Raleigh is reviewing the first batch of reports for conditional-use rezonings in which the developer must report on meetings with neighbors.
Aug 23, 2002   The News & Observer
Durham officials approve a $43.2 million subsidy for one of the nation's largest historic renovation projects, aimed at revitalizing downtown Durham.
Aug 7, 2002   The News & Observer