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The News & Observer's "road worrier" (not a typo!), Bruce Siceloff, provides ongoing coverage of the sad saga of North Carolina's gas tax, set to be adjusted downwards by statute.
Mar 23, 2015   The News & Observer
Ahead of a February 2016 deadline for an environmental impact statement, residents are making their opinions known about the potential routes for a proposed light rail line connecting Durham and Chapel Hill.
Mar 20, 2015   The News & Observer
A widely publicized guerrilla wayfinding campaign meant to give helpful guidance and encouragement to those exploring the city of Raleigh on foot has been quashed by the City Planning Director, report Chelsea Kellner and Bruce Siceloff.
Feb 24, 2012   The News & Observer
NC Rep. Price Harrison hopes that the third time's a charm when he reintroduces legislation requiring higher auto emissions standards. If it passes, the state's standards may start looking more like California's within the coming year.
Feb 12, 2009   The News & Observer
<p>Developers often see naming streets as their way of making a mark, naming streets after daughters, alma maters, or the family dog. But they often find themselves tangled up in regulations and the limits of their own creativity.</p>
Jul 25, 2008   The News & Observer
<p>With gas and food prices climbing to unprecedented levels, many families are turning to pawnshops to cover their bills. Unfortunately, pickups are down and people aren't buying, putting smaller operations at risk of closure.</p>
Jun 23, 2008   The News & Observer
<p>With residents pushing for new rules to prevent tear-downs, a measure to temporarily restrict construction of new homes goes before the city council.</p>
Nov 24, 2007   The News & Observer
<p>An ambitious study to charge motorists by the mile, which hopes to address decreasing gas tax revenue for both states and the federal government, will begin in North Carolina's Research Triangle.</p>
Jun 25, 2007   The News & Observer
<p>The former Vice President's application to install solar panels on his home was denied by the zoning board of this wealthy Nashville enclave.</p>
Mar 23, 2007   The News & Observer
<p>Under advice from parking guru Donald Shoup, North Carolina's capital is rethinking its parking requirements.</p>
Mar 6, 2007   The News & Observer
<p>Designed by architect William McDonough, a pair of towers recently approved for downtown Chapel Hill will be the first mixed-use development to meet LEED Gold standards in North Carolina.</p>
Feb 28, 2007   The News & Observer