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The Post and Courier

As the city pulls more and more people from the suburbs back to the center, planners and developers in Charleston are warming up to the idea of infill development.
Oct 17, 2008   The Post and Courier
<p>Though more than a hundred years newer, the city of San Francisco has a lot to teach cities like Charleston about preserving their less-than-iconic historic areas.</p>
Apr 24, 2008   The Post and Courier
<p>With a number of large housing developments underway, rural Jasper County, South Carolina, is anticipating a rapid urban transition. Local officials are looking to draft a growth plan to ensure that developers whims won't shape the region.</p>
Apr 9, 2007   The Post and Courier
<p>The historic South Carolina city is revisiting its preservation strategy as the rapidly growing metropolitan area plows full steam ahead into the 21st century.</p>
Nov 8, 2006   The Post and Courier