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Stakeholders are considering the implementation of a Community Improvement District along the Atlanta Beltline to help pay for ongoing maintenance and other improvements to the ongoing project of building this singular public facility.
Sep 23, 2015   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Nearly every community talks about attracting more entrepreneurs. But aside from programs like SCORE, which assists entrepreneurs with business plans, and some efforts at growing venture-capital funds, most communities scratch their heads over how to</p>
Dec 26, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Poor planning has put Atlanta in the drought-stricken position it's in now, and there are few signs that anything is changing on that front, according to this editorial from the <em>Atlanta Journal-Constitution</em>.</p>
Dec 23, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Atlanta's traffic problems are beginning to affect businesses' decisions to relocate there.</p>
Dec 18, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Plans have just been announced for a large park space in Atlanta, circled by pedestrian friendly developments, including 5,000 units of housing and mixed use developments. But making it happen will require a lot of cooperation.</p>
Dec 14, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Many new developments in metropolitan Atlanta are embracing walkability.</p>
Nov 26, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Droughts are causing many Georgia municipalities to tightly restrict water use, but just across the border in Alabama is a city that has plenty of water to spare.</p>
Nov 1, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Traditional public housing complexes are on the way out in Atlanta as the city looks to move all of its low-income residents to a system of renting with Section 8 housing vouchers.</p>
Oct 20, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>County officials in Georgia have once again extended their moratorium on residential rezonings as they weigh whether changes will encourage sprawl. The latest extension will stretch the original 90-day moratorium to nearly a year.</p>
Sep 24, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>A new study shows that property values have spiked around the proposed parkway, threatening to price lower-income residents out of their homes.</p>
Sep 18, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Property taxes along Atlanta's proposed Beltline -- a 22-mile loop of park and trails ringing downtown -- are rising sharply, threatening to displace the poor that live in adjacent areas.</p>
Sep 17, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution