The CBC has compiled a selection of 8 interactive before and after images of Toronto's skyline that dramatically document the city's condo boom over the last decade.
Oct 12, 2012   CBC
<p>Heavy tourist traffic downtown is being cited by city officials in a proposal to move the world-famous sculpture to the edge of town.</p>
Jan 24, 2008   CBC
<p>Canadian officials will revisit plans to create a high-speed rail system connecting Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.</p>
Jan 12, 2008   CBC
<p>The city of Montreal has pledged an investment of more than $1 billion to revitalize a downtrodden slum neighborhood, though some current residents are calling the move forced gentrification.</p>
Nov 26, 2007   CBC
<p>Tight restrictions and codes relating to immigrants their assimilation in Quebec are being blamed for causing a mass exodus from the Canadian province.</p>
Nov 3, 2007   CBC
<p>A Canadian city suspicious about the low population count reported in the national census decided to do its own count. The city found 2,000 more people than the census -- a figure that would have equated to $600,000 more in federal grant money.</p>
Aug 26, 2007   CBC
<p>The homeless population of a government-sanctioned tent city has slowly dwindled to less than half its original size as officials in the Canadian city of Edmonton move forward with plans to close the impromptu squatter settlement.</p>
Aug 17, 2007   CBC
<p>A small town in Quebec will be cut in half due to bridge repairs. The town will be halved for more than four months.</p>
Aug 9, 2007   CBC
<p>In the Alberta Province of Canada, a loophole in a law meant to protect tenants from being evicted for condo conversions has been discovered that allows landlords to legally raise the rents as high as they want, effectively pricing tenants out.</p>
Aug 9, 2007   CBC
<p>Proposals to transfer revenue from gasoline taxes are floated as local leaders demand greater funding from the national government.</p>
Mar 7, 2007   CBC
<p>CBC's "BC This Week" leads off with a 7 minute interview with Vancouver's new lead planner.</p>
Oct 17, 2006   CBC