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<p>It's Gold Rush days long since passed, Canada's Yukon Territory was until recently a wild, myth-bound place. But now oil and gas revenues are fueling new construction and population growth.</p>
Jul 28, 2008   The Globe & Mail
<p>Mark Kingwell observes the sharp -- and deadly -- contrast between shining Shanghai skyscrapers and the poorly-built prefab concrete structures in China's rural areas that proved to be deathtraps in the recent earthquake.</p>
May 26, 2008   The Globe & Mail
<p>Plans to bring New Urbanist designs into British Columbia will do little to stem suburban sprawl, according to this column from the <em>Globe and Mail</em>.</p>
May 21, 2008   The Globe & Mail
<p>As rescue work continues in the aftermath of the earthquake in China's Sichuan province, many -- including the state-run media -- are asking questions about why so many buildings collapsed, and blame corruption and shoddy construction methods.</p>
May 16, 2008   The Globe & Mail
<p>From construction to infrastructure to social marketing, the Dockside Green condominiums in Victoria B.C. is becoming recognized as the greenest in Canada.</p>
Apr 23, 2008   The Globe & Mail
<p>A new report praises Ontario's greenbelt - 11 times the size of Toronto - as a model for urban growth control.</p>
Apr 14, 2008   The Globe & Mail
<p>Condos are booming in Vancouver, and as a result the city's young creatives are being squeezed out.</p>
Mar 18, 2008   The Globe & Mail
<p>In Miami, speculators inflated the housing market by buying and flipping condos. Now with the market deflating and a host of condo towers still under construction, Miami may be the worst major real estate market in the world.</p>
Mar 16, 2008   The Globe & Mail
<p>Portland's plan for ending homelessness by 2015 has caught the attention of several Canadian municipalities, which are looking to apply the Portland model to their own cities.</p>
Feb 20, 2008   The Globe & Mail
<p>As Vancouver weighs the importance of density in the city, some say the debate needs a refresh.</p>
Feb 9, 2008   The Globe & Mail
<p>The economic influence of the Alberta oil sands is so powerful that it's draining working-age men -- and vitality -- from smaller communities across Canada.</p>
Jan 31, 2008   The Globe & Mail