The Providence Journal

The city of Providence has announced the first draft of a comprehensive zoning code update—its first since 1994.
Mar 5, 2014   The Providence Journal
Though the practicality of the Congress for the New Urbanism's Mississippi charettes have been called into question, Providence Journal editor David Broussat wonders what all the fuss is about.
Nov 4, 2005   The Providence Journal
Scott Wolf, executive director of Grow Smart Rhode Island, proposes a "bold" strategy for maintaining Rhode Island's rural communities.
Oct 1, 2005   The Providence Journal
"How easy it has been for a school committee to go to the municipal voters and say that a new school may be built on cheap land out on the fringes of town or otherwise distant from most of the school's students. So, increasingly over the decades, public schools have emerged in outlying areas.
Sep 25, 2005   The Providence Journal
Citing economic reasons the University of Rhode Island announced that it will begin the process of closing down one of two publicly funded graduate planning programs in New England.
May 2, 2005   The Providence Journal
Universities are investing heavily in Providence, RI.
Jan 6, 2005   The Providence Journal
New rail line's two stations would significantly reduce commuter traffic on highways into Providence.
Sep 17, 2004   The Providence Journal
David Brussat criticizes Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, and Daniel Libeskind, and wonders if architecture has "hit the bottom".
Aug 25, 2004   The Providence Journal
This New England city has one of the lowest number of urban trees per capita.
May 28, 2004   The Providence Journal
Bristol, RI seeks to protect historic districts, by adopting strict guidelines for chain stores and franchises.
May 14, 2004   The Providence Journal
Portsmouth, a rural town on Aquidneck Island, hopes to create a new mixed-use center using New Urbanist principles and traffic calming techniques.
Mar 7, 2004   The Providence Journal