The Providence Journal

The city of Providence has announced the first draft of a comprehensive zoning code update—its first since 1994.
Mar 5, 2014   The Providence Journal
A state corporation in China has announced plans to reproduce exactly the Austrian village of Halllstadt, down to the smallest detail. Hallstad residents are both flattered and creeped out.
Jun 24, 2011   The Providence Journal
The park under a new bridge in Providence succeeds in creating an interesting space in the city, and shows that concrete doesn't have to be dull.
Apr 26, 2009   The Providence Journal
Providence, Rhode Island, is rebranding itself as the "Creative Capital." This op-ed argues the city doesn't need a brand, rather it needs to return to the aesthetic values that made it beautiful and successful in the '90s.
Apr 12, 2009   The Providence Journal
<p>Housing advocates, public officials, and urban planners have joined forces in Rhode Island with a pledge of $10 million to support the preservation of open space by building more dense, mixed-use communities.</p>
Sep 3, 2007   The Providence Journal
<p>Researchers in Rhode Island find that residents in many parts of the state lack easy access to food.</p>
Aug 24, 2007   The Providence Journal
After decades of ill-designed public housing that kept a clear line between the low-income and everyone else, a new movement is collecting momentum for more accurately integrating public housing into neighborhoods while protecting their character.
Oct 8, 2006   The Providence Journal
A Rhode Island Planning Board has approved regulations requiring developers to build affordable houses in all projects over 6 units.
Sep 30, 2006   The Providence Journal
The planned $222.5 million transit hub will seamlessly link T.F. Green Airport with Providence and Boston by 2009.
Jul 20, 2006   The Providence Journal
Decades of metropolitan growth have outstripped most American cities' ability to provide adequate infrastructure, leaving them extremely vulnerable to disruption.
Jul 8, 2006   The Providence Journal
New England's second biggest city is experiencing a wealth of revitalization, and nowhere else is it more evident than in downcity, a district reconceptualized by Andres Duany in the 1990's.
May 5, 2006   The Providence Journal