Times Colonist

<p>New buses being added to Victoria, British Columbia's transit fleet are being warmly welcomed, but this editorial argues much more needs to be done to deal with the area's increasing congestion and mobility issues.</p>
Dec 19, 2007   Times Colonist
<p>Government research form British Columbia has shown that it costs cities more than $12,000 per homeless person per year. Some are saying it would be cheaper for the city to give them housing than to keep them on the streets.</p>
Sep 25, 2007   Times Colonist
<p>Plans to redevelop a harbor are under consideration in Victoria, British Columbia, but would require the relocation of a busy ferry terminal -- one of the harbor's top services. The ferry's operators say the redevelopment would fail without them.</p>
Aug 15, 2007   Times Colonist
<p>With Baby Boomers moving into their 60s and a significantly smaller population of younger workers, officials in British Columbia have passed a bill that will do away with the province's mandatory retirement age of 65.</p>
Apr 27, 2007   Times Colonist
<p>Housing advocates in British Columbia are pushing a "housing-first" policy to the local government as a way to combat homelessness and save money.</p>
Apr 21, 2007   Times Colonist
Contrary to American housing markets, Canadian housing sales have continued to grow this year.
Sep 30, 2006   Times Colonist