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To what degree are people's location decisions dictated by their consumer preferences? Jordan Weissmann of Slate Magazine discusses whether living in an expensive city like New York City is a consumption choice.
Sep 4, 2014   Slate Magazine
A photo essay by Witold Rybczynski explores how a campus operates in a shopping mall in a suburban community outside Vancouver, British Columbia.
Dec 22, 2011   Slate Magazine
"More cities in the developed world shrank than grew in the last three decades. More than 40 of those cities were in the United States, according to City Mayors, an urban affairs think tank," writes Gordon Young.
Jul 18, 2010   Slate Magazine
A lack of decent parking is the biggest reason more people don't bike to work. Several American cities are now trying to deal with the issue by adding more parking for bicyclists.
Aug 19, 2009   Slate Magazine
<p>Witold Rybczynski, author of a new book that follows the development of a modern subdivision, discusses the historical background and evolution of our cultural preference for houses.</p>
Apr 19, 2007   Slate Magazine
<p>New research highlights the connection between locations with high levels of homeownership and above average unemployment.</p>
Mar 29, 2007   Slate Magazine
A slideshow on examines the work of famous architects using staircase design as a case study.
Sep 10, 2006   Slate Magazine