City Limits Weekly

The New York City Housing Authority is using a new strategy to develop new housing by selling open space. HUD oversees how the development works, but some think it does not offer a fair opportunity for community participation.
Nov 19, 2008   City Limits Weekly
<p><em>City Limits Weekly</em> presents a rundown of some of the biggest housing-related issues facing presidential candidates this year and looks at the policies and records of those vying to take over the country's top post.</p>
Jan 8, 2008   City Limits Weekly
<p>Opposition to Columbia University's 17-acre expansion plan reveals the good and bad about the city's community planning movement.</p>
Oct 11, 2007   City Limits Weekly
130 blocks have been rezoned to include an inclusionary housing requirement in the New York City borough.
Sep 1, 2006   City Limits Weekly