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Creating 'greener' buildings will help address climate change... right?
Dec 5, 2014   YouTube
Two interesting video submissions this week, one an atmospheric tour of Vancouver, BC and one of San Francisco before the 1906 earthquake.
Feb 1, 2010   YouTube
Dan Zack, downtown development coordinator for Redwood City, CA, gave a 50-minute presentation on Delightful Density to a Palo Alto audience on Nov. 5. This 12-minute excerpt is composed of 17 buildings - get out your pencils and guess their density.
Jan 24, 2010   YouTube
This new cafe in Oakland does more than welcome cyclists - it caters to them. It is a welcome addition in a neighborhood that has seen more than its share of crime. Check out the pedal-powered video player.
Jan 11, 2010   YouTube
In this video, a seemingly spontaneous celebration of Hanukkah erupts in a normally sedate Jerusalem public space as masses of people demonstrate their dancing skills to the initial bewilderment, then delight of onlookers.
Dec 21, 2009   YouTube
Heathrow Airport's Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system is shaping up. Here is an insider's look at how this proof-of-concept system is coming together.
Apr 29, 2009   YouTube
An historic house in Placerville is preserved and expanded to create a sustainable new office building for an architecture firm.
Apr 23, 2009   YouTube
Microsoft has introduced a spherical computer display that lets users touch the globe to interact with it. There are many likely applications for planning and public participation.
Aug 13, 2008   YouTube
<p>"ViralKauai" posts a self-made video on YouTube pointing out the problems from overdevelopment of the beautiful island of Kauai.</p>
Aug 31, 2007   YouTube
<p>Bruce Sterling gives an insightful tour around the city of Belgrade and explores the transformation and pressures brought about by globalization.</p>
Mar 25, 2007   YouTube
What happens when Edinburgh's implements a pedestrian congestion fee along The Royal Mile?
Mar 9, 2007   YouTube