The Austin Chronicle

<p>With the annual Congress for New Urbanism coming to town in 2008, Duany offers his thoughts on the Texas Capital on a recent visit.</p>
Apr 12, 2007   The Austin Chronicle
<p>As plans to develop a Wal-Mart and a shopping mall draw thousands of protesters in Austin, Texas, the public seems to be demanding a new kind of development.</p>
Feb 18, 2007   The Austin Chronicle
<p>To encourage development that is consistent with the city's vision for sustainable development, planners have created a new zoning designation that looks like a win-win for developers and neighborhoods -- if they can stand the density.</p>
Feb 9, 2007   The Austin Chronicle
<p>In a rerun of a failed 1999 plan to build a high-rise near the city's Town Lake, officials in Austin, Texas, are looking to increase downtown density. The City is hoping this try works, but the original plan's opponents are still opposed.</p>
Jan 21, 2007   The Austin Chronicle
<p>With its downtown booming, Austin, Texas is trying to help homeowners who are feeling the squeeze from rising property values -- by buying their land.</p>
Jan 12, 2007   The Austin Chronicle
Concordia University, in Austin, Texas, is gearing up to move to a new location. But the 22 acres it's leaving behind won't be empty for long. A large-scale and high-rising pedestrian-friendly development is slated for the site.
Jul 18, 2006   The Austin Chronicle
This McMansionization is a must-see.
Apr 21, 2006   The Austin Chronicle
The historic Oakwood Cemetery has a rich past, and controversy surrounding its treatment, which has flared up again, has swirled for over 100 years.
Apr 21, 2006   The Austin Chronicle
The Austin Chronicle has released a new website -- the Bloat-O-Meter -- where users can rate the relative obesity of their neighbors' homes.
Mar 17, 2006   The Austin Chronicle
The state has begun to consider imposing limits on emissions, but some are concerned that they will not meet EPA standards, let alone surpass them.
Mar 14, 2006   The Austin Chronicle
Decision comes amid conflicting smart growth and neighborhood-level planning approaches, which differ over treatment of larger homes.
Mar 5, 2006   The Austin Chronicle