LA Downtown News

A series of public outreach events are being held in Pershing Square to determine how to make the park more engaging. Live music and fewer physical barriers to entry are among the ideas suggested.
May 17, 2015   LA Downtown News
Los Angeles' Pershing Square, a five-acre park initially opened in 1866, will undergo major transformations to accommodate the increase of families with children living in Downtown Los Angeles.
Sep 20, 2014   LA Downtown News
Despite a budget significantly smaller than his predecessors had, Los Angeles Planning Director Michael LoGrande is hoping to bring about major changes in the way the city gets things done.
Jul 13, 2011   LA Downtown News
Officials in Los Angeles are trying to streamline the process of getting projects permitted and approved -- an effort that could rapidly increase the amount of time it takes to develop in the city.
Nov 23, 2010   LA Downtown News
<p>As part of a new set of guiding principles that call on city planners to 'demand a walkable city', Los Angeles may adopt new standards requiring developers to widen sidewalks, not streets.</p>
Jun 13, 2007   LA Downtown News
<p>The specialty grocery store chain Trader Joe's is often wooed by communities around California -- but the chain remains secretive about its location selection process.</p>
Apr 18, 2007   LA Downtown News
Gail Goldberg speaks about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as she tackles planning for the nation's second largest city.
Jul 16, 2006   LA Downtown News