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Despite a lack of cooperation on regional transit issues, Detroit area transportation agencies can find a way to fix the region's broken system, according to a panel of officials and experts.
Aug 12, 2011   The Detroit Free Press
The City of Detroit has announced plans to close 77 city parks this summer in an effort to cut costs.
Jul 1, 2010   The Detroit Free Press
In the next year, Detroit will be putting in 30 miles of bike lanes throughout the city. But an ambitious new plan imagines up to 400 miles of bicycling infrastructure.
Apr 12, 2010   The Detroit Free Press
This op-ed from <em>The Detroit Free Press</em> looks at ambitious goals for the city ten years into the future, and argues that citizens will need to start acting soon to turn those dreams into reality.
Apr 6, 2010   The Detroit Free Press
The city of Detroit has enough money to tear down between one-quarter and one-third of the city's 10,000 abandoned houses.
Feb 25, 2010   The Detroit Free Press
Filmmakers are calling on state officials in Michigan to extend the state's grant program that provides up to 42% of production costs simply for filming in Michigan.
Nov 23, 2009   The Detroit Free Press
With a recent infusion of $44 million and hopes for more from the federal stimulus package, regional light rail is gathering momentum in Detroit. Advocates see more than mobility in the struggling city's future.
Mar 17, 2009   The Detroit Free Press
Presidential candidate Barack Obama has announced a $5 billion plan to restore the Great Lakes, funded by reductions in tax cuts for oil companies.
Sep 22, 2008   The Detroit Free Press
<p>Developers in Detroit are planning a condominium project completely made out of used shipping containers. But city approval is needed before the project can move forward.</p>
May 19, 2008   The Detroit Free Press
<p>Private investors and developers must come forward and plan around proposed rail lines in Detroit if there is any hope of transit materializing, according to this editorial.</p>
Apr 30, 2008   The Detroit Free Press
<p>A recent editorial argues that Detroit must look for ways to concentrate its dwindling population in a smaller, more compact city if it is to survive.</p>
Apr 21, 2008   The Detroit Free Press