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The Columbus Dispatch

In 2013, the city of Columbus left $8.3 million in property taxes on the table as part of a tax break intended to increase the number of people living downtown. How did it respond? By extending the tax break.
Mar 24, 2014   The Columbus Dispatch
<p>Columbus, Ohio's New Village Place -- winner of the 2006 James B. Recchie Award for Urban Design -- seamlessly marries market-rate and affordable housing with striking designs that respect the historic character and fabric of the neighborhood.</p>
Oct 31, 2006   The Columbus Dispatch
While downtown advocates encourage lights and signs with animated activity in Columbus' core, complaints have arisen over those flashy signs on suburban arterials.
Sep 8, 2006   The Columbus Dispatch
What happens when the high cost of housing prices teachers and police officers out of the communities where they work?
Aug 23, 2006   The Columbus Dispatch
A partnership of the City of Columbus, the Central Ohio Building Industrial Association, a local housing group, and others, is sponsoring an affordable housing project built to green standards.
Jul 15, 2006   The Columbus Dispatch
An editorial calls on planners to remember pedestrians and focus on the basics.
Aug 11, 2004   The Columbus Dispatch
The Columbus Dispatch will no longer publish opinion pieces by Samuel Staley following an accusation that he "borrowed ideas".
Oct 23, 2003   The Columbus Dispatch
Without opposition from developers, the City of Delaware, OH has placed a 6 month moratorium on residential development.
Aug 19, 2003   The Columbus Dispatch
Delaware's (Ohio) new master plan envisions a landscaped, six-lane boulevard to reunify the city and promote riverfront development.
Jun 10, 2003   The Columbus Dispatch
Residents say that many central Ohio subdivisions are turning into "brand-new suburban slums."
Sep 4, 2002   The Columbus Dispatch
Residents of Columbus that are unable or unwilling to drive share their stories.
Aug 20, 2002   The Columbus Dispatch