The Columbus Dispatch

Columbus is surprisingly suburban, given that the city is the largest in population in the state of Ohio. Maybe that perception comes from the fact that it’s also the largest in size in the state?
Jul 19, 2015   The Columbus Dispatch
The main reason people move to the outer suburbs is for larger homes, says a small study conducted by Ohio State University.
Jan 31, 2010   The Columbus Dispatch
Since the Columbus Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) put bike racks on the front of their buses, so many people have forgotten and left their bikes on board that hundreds of bikes are piling up in the lost and found.
Aug 10, 2009   The Columbus Dispatch
25 farmers in Fairfield County, Ohio are attempting to prevent future development by preserving their farmland in permanent agricultural use.
Jun 19, 2009   The Columbus Dispatch
20 years after the Columbus City Center opened its doors, the now nearly abandoned mall is slated to be demolished. The redevelopment agency plans to replace it with a park.
Feb 10, 2009   The Columbus Dispatch
While the goal of these walkable communities is to attract young urban professionals, the benefits, of course, extend beyond that.
Nov 19, 2008   The Columbus Dispatch
Planners are celebrating Columbus's century-old comprehensive plan, and continuing to consult the plan for guidance.
Aug 16, 2008   The Columbus Dispatch
<p>Planners are pushing for a downtown streetcar, but detractors say Columbus already has a fabulous rapid transit system: 'It's called the freeway.'</p>
Jul 21, 2008   The Columbus Dispatch
<p>City commits to adding over 450 miles of new bikeways/lanes linking neighborhoods, parks, downtown, and employment centers over the next 20 years and making an initial investment of $20 million.</p>
May 30, 2008   The Columbus Dispatch
<p>If driving less makes prices fall -- will Americans respond by driving more?</p>
May 7, 2008   The Columbus Dispatch
<p>Quite a few Ohio suburbs are planning to resurrect their old downtowns -- or build new ones from scratch -- to create human-scaled urban focal points.</p>
Jan 27, 2008   The Columbus Dispatch