Los Angeles City Beat

<p>Citing safety concerns, a grassroots organizer in Los Angeles is lobbying the city to rethink plans for a light rail line that passes by a school. He says the entire line should be built underground.</p>
Feb 16, 2008   Los Angeles City Beat
<p><em>Los Angeles City Beat</em> talks with traffic expert Martin Wachs about congestion pricing and L.A.'s traffic problems.</p>
Jan 4, 2008   Los Angeles City Beat
<p>A number of ideas for improving public transit and reducing congestion are floating around Los Angeles. But without consensus, it may be a long while before any of the proposed solutions is realized.</p>
Oct 1, 2007   Los Angeles City Beat
Los Angeles faces projections of a population increase of up to 5 million people by 2030. The city's residents and planners are trying to come to terms with growth as a necessity, but the city's developer-friendly attitude has angered many residents.
Jul 25, 2006   Los Angeles City Beat