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<p>The Kenyan capital of Nairobi is struggling with crippling car congestion -- a problems some say is so bad the country should consider transferring its capital to another city.</p>
Sep 24, 2007   Mail & Guardian
<p>In the squatter settlements in South African slums, a burgeoning new industry is developing around so-called "poverty tours", where Western tourists are taken off the beaten tour path to see what life is like in impoverished squatter communities.</p>
Aug 23, 2007   Mail & Guardian
<p>The mayor of Cape Town, South Africa, has announced a plan to provide water, lighting, and sanitation to all of the city's densely-packed slum dwellers.</p>
May 24, 2007   Mail & Guardian
<p>Transit officials have approved a plan to take over the city's transportations systems, creating an expanded and more unified web of trains and buses.</p>
May 9, 2007   Mail & Guardian
The report looks at the largest cities in developing countries and measures their growth and development. Cities such as Cairo have been praised for improvements to utilities, but criticized for not addressing the root of poverty in its slums.
Jun 27, 2006   Mail & Guardian