Sightline Institute

Alan Durning details the negative effects that parking requirements have on housing affordability.
Sep 4, 2013   Sightline Institute
<p>As Seattle considers a plan to spend more than $17 billion on road and transit projects, the Sightline Institute looks at how the city's greenhouse-gas emissions would increase if a new land of highway is built.</p>
Oct 8, 2007   Sightline Institute
<p>A new paper questions the planning assumptions regarding the replacement of Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct.</p>
Dec 28, 2006   Sightline Institute
<p>Report by Seattle-based Sightline Institute documents a growing backlash against "property rights" initiatives in Oregon communities deeply affected by Oregon's Measure 37 and implications for western states.</p>
Oct 13, 2006   Sightline Institute
The Cascadia Scorecard documents an emerging body of research indicating that car-centered urban design contributes to a high death and injury toll from car crashes and a high obesity rate, among other ills.
Jun 23, 2006   Sightline Institute