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The U.S. EPA recently announced the Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center "as a resource to communities to improve their wastewater, drinking water and stormwater systems." Two reports show why it's the new resources are so badly needed.
Jan 20, 2015   The Courier-Journal
Former EPA chief Christine Todd Whitman touts smart growth in Indiana.
Mar 15, 2006   The Courier-Journal
Few institutions of higher learning apply their knowledge and resources directly to the problems of poverty and housing.
Aug 24, 2005   The Courier-Journal
The Louisville Botanica gardening group is betting that if they build a botanical garden, tourists will come.
Jun 15, 2005   The Courier-Journal
Planning has come a long way -- just look at Nashville.
Jun 3, 2005   The Courier-Journal
Christo’s 'Gates' not possible in sprawl America.
Mar 10, 2005   The Courier-Journal
Yahoo Maps feature real-time traffic information for 70 major U.S. cities.
Jan 6, 2005   The Courier-Journal
Xochimilco (the “Venice of the New World” located 20 km from Mexico City), a World Heritage Site designated in 1987, is threatened with removal from the list because of the impacts of pollution, erosion, and urban sprawl.
Dec 7, 2004   The Courier-Journal
What makes Seaside, FL, the creation of Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, stand out?
Sep 15, 2004   The Courier-Journal
An East Lansing mixed-income plan to lure homeowners and young families back into the city faces mounting opposition.
Aug 20, 2004   The Courier-Journal
Unlike current energy plans proposed by President Bush and Senator Kerry, both supply and demand sides of the transportation issue will have to be addressed to make a meaningful impact in reducing the dependence on foreign oil.
Aug 14, 2004   The Courier-Journal