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While some state struggle to raise the gas tax by even a few cents a gallon, indexing the excise tax to inflation avoids these costly battles. Kentucky approved such legislation over 10 years ago. On July 1, the gas tax will increase by 2.4 cents.
Jun 5, 2013   The Courier-Journal
Xochimilco (the “Venice of the New World” located 20 km from Mexico City), a World Heritage Site designated in 1987, is threatened with removal from the list because of the impacts of pollution, erosion, and urban sprawl.
Dec 7, 2004   The Courier-Journal
What makes Seaside, FL, the creation of Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, stand out?
Sep 15, 2004   The Courier-Journal
An East Lansing mixed-income plan to lure homeowners and young families back into the city faces mounting opposition.
Aug 20, 2004   The Courier-Journal
Unlike current energy plans proposed by President Bush and Senator Kerry, both supply and demand sides of the transportation issue will have to be addressed to make a meaningful impact in reducing the dependence on foreign oil.
Aug 14, 2004   The Courier-Journal
Transit Agency promotes transit-friendly design standards in rapidly growing L.A. - San Diego suburban area.
Aug 11, 2004   The Courier-Journal
Many of the nation's urban parks are in decline, marred by trash and other problems. Cabbagetown's 4-acre park is an example of neighborhood parks can be relitalized.
Aug 9, 2004   The Courier-Journal