The Montreal Gazette

With debts in excess of $30 million owed to the city of Montreal, and unhappy customers in New York City and Chicago refusing to pay for outstanding bills, the Bixi bike-share company has been forced to file for bankruptcy protection.
Jan 21, 2014   The Montreal Gazette
<p>Can smart cards change the way transit is used?</p>
Mar 6, 2007   The Montreal Gazette
Wendell Cox argues for the "upside of sprawl", or "suburbanization" as he prefers to call it, in Montreal.
Jun 22, 2006   The Montreal Gazette
How to make Montreal greener and Kyoto-compliant by reducing car use and increasing public transit use.
Nov 22, 2005   The Montreal Gazette
Projet Montreal, led by urban planner Richard Bergeron, campaigns for car-free development in civic election campaign.
Oct 2, 2005   The Montreal Gazette
As Montreal's Metro pushes 40 years of age, a series of articles document the past and future changes.
Sep 12, 2005   The Montreal Gazette
The better Montreal's Convention Center does, the more it costs taxpayers.
Aug 8, 2005   The Montreal Gazette
Canada's opposition Conservative party proposes income tax rebate for transit passes.
Aug 8, 2005   The Montreal Gazette
New casino promises 6,450 new jobs but residents fear social problems.
Jun 25, 2005   The Montreal Gazette
Cash from gas taxes will be used to fund publict transit and sustainable infrastructure in Canada.
Jun 20, 2005   The Montreal Gazette
Montreal announces a new $5-million program to create a major cycling artery.
Apr 18, 2005   The Montreal Gazette