The Ottawa Citizen

The federal government's controversial decision to scrap Canada's long-form census in 2011 and replace it with a voluntary household survey is coming home to roost, as cities across the country dismiss its skewed results.
Jul 11, 2013   The Ottawa Citizen
By implementing New Urbanism concepts, a Canadian land developer aims to balance profits with sensible planning.
Nov 16, 2001   The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Canada, begins a new chapter in its transportation history with the debut of the O-Train
Oct 18, 2001   The Ottawa Citizen
The Ottawa 20/20 Smart Growth Summit makes recommendations for managing growth in Ottawa, Canada.
Oct 15, 2001   The Ottawa Citizen
If the benefits of mass transit are well known, why are Canadian transit agencies in trouble?
Jun 4, 2001   The Ottawa Citizen
A report by the Centre for Spatial Economics concludes that Ottawa, Canada, is growing faster than expected and predicts increased demand for housing, public transit, and roads.
May 23, 2001   The Ottawa Citizen
San Jose, CA, inspires the Ottawa 20/20 Smart Growth Summit.
Mar 9, 2001   The Ottawa Citizen