The Ottawa Citizen

The federal government's controversial decision to scrap Canada's long-form census in 2011 and replace it with a voluntary household survey is coming home to roost, as cities across the country dismiss its skewed results.
Jul 11, 2013   The Ottawa Citizen
To coincide with the World Urban Forum, the Ottawa Citizen devotes most of their Sunday, June 18th newspaper to covering a host of urban issues, including slums, urban gardening, and the case for and against cities [links to 9 articles].
Jul 25, 2006   The Ottawa Citizen
We are entering the "urban century": the majority of the world's population now lives in an urban setting. Is this good or bad? An article presents the cases for and against cities.
Jun 22, 2006   The Ottawa Citizen
Wal-Mart modified its standard store design to satisfy the City of Ottawa's requirements for a unique landscape and architectural design that fostered a pedestrian environment.
May 18, 2005   The Ottawa Citizen
Housing consistency in Ottawa may be shattered by new legislation.
Dec 20, 2003   The Ottawa Citizen
Vancouver, the city awarded the 2010 Winter Olympics, is a world model for urban design and quality of life. it is envied for its ability to develop attractive high-density downtown residential neighborhoods.
Jul 7, 2003   The Ottawa Citizen
It is time to realize that the 1950s dream of suburbia is over. The integration of shopping and homes with public transit is critical for reviving our cities.
Apr 22, 2003   The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa's Greenbelt may be a "paradise" for its residents but some planner believe that it is a mistake and contributes to sprawl.
Sep 27, 2002   The Ottawa Citizen
A Canadian economist calls for urban growth boundaries to limit sprawl which threaten the country's economic health.
Apr 25, 2002   The Ottawa Citizen
The Oxford Tribune gives a thumbs-up to "Saving Pennsylvania", an hour-long documentary on sprawl and the future of Pennsylvania.
Jan 7, 2002   The Ottawa Citizen
A new rural highway may encourage sprawl in Ottawa, Canada.
Dec 31, 2001   The Ottawa Citizen