The Dallas Observer

A growing number of local governments are turning to "green cement" resolutions to rectify North Texas' status as a shameless failure when it comes to complying with clean air standards.
Nov 24, 2008   The Dallas Observer
The Dallas Observer's city hall blog has been tracking -- literally by the minute -- the city's proposed comprehensive plan that's pushing mixed use development and meeting a local government's support, skepticism, and outright absenteeism.
Jun 16, 2006   The Dallas Observer
The peaceful marches in Dallas have displayed a community in support of immigrant rights, in opposition to some "out of touch" pundits and politicians on the east coast.
Apr 16, 2006   The Dallas Observer
Mayor Mackie Choice of the I-45 overpass homeless city in Dallas has a few choice words for Dallas Mayor Laura Miller and her plan to end homelessness as soon as possible.
Mar 28, 2006   The Dallas Observer
How to emulate The Donald.
Mar 10, 2006   The Dallas Observer
The life of SEKT, Dallas' most notorious graffiti artist, parallels the complex evolution of the city and its suburbs.
Mar 6, 2006   The Dallas Observer
Dallas becomes the largest metro area in the U.S. to adopt the 'verified response' to business burglar alarms, meaning that local police will not respond unless business security guards tell them to.
Feb 3, 2006   The Dallas Observer
Local columnist argues that Dallas project is corrupt and doesn't deserve federal transportation funding.
Nov 12, 2004   The Dallas Observer
A disgruntled resident resorts to unconventional signage to protest the lack of police protection in his drug-ridden neighborhood.
Nov 16, 2003   The Dallas Observer