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The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Leaders in Seattle are considering a plan to offer naming rights to various parks and civic amenities.
Nov 2, 2010   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>Seattle seems to be on its ways to becoming a successful world city, according to a private consultant's list of the global trends that make cities great.</p>
Feb 11, 2008   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>In an effort to standardize its procedures, the city of Seattle is considering a plan to give homeless people 48 hours of notice before they are forced to clear out encampments on city property.</p>
Jan 16, 2008   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>Building housing fro the homeless in Seattle is saving the city more than $3 million per year, according to this editorial from the <em>Seattle Post-Intelligencer</em>.</p>
Jan 13, 2008   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>Seattle's long-planned South Lake Union streetcar officially began operations Wednesday.</p>
Dec 14, 2007   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>Seattle pushes forward with an inclusionary housing bill, but housing advocates have pushed back, saying the plan does not go far enough.</p>
Dec 3, 2007   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>This article from the <em>Seattle Post-Intelligencer</em> looks at the conditions that have made Boise one of the country's most successful and thriving cities.</p>
Oct 10, 2007   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>This commentary from the <em>Seattle Post-Intelligencer</em> looks at the idea that buildings can make us happy, and asks why we put up with buildings that make us unhappy.</p>
Sep 26, 2007   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>In this column, urban planning professor Justin Hollander asserts that online games such as “Second Life” have the potential to enable genuine public participation in civic affairs.</p>
Sep 20, 2007   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>Microsoft has announced the launch of a private 14-bus transit system to serve its employees in the Seattle area. Transit advocates say the plan underscores the transit deficiencies faced by the region.</p>
Sep 10, 2007   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>Seattle finds out that closing their major highway doesn't result in traffic chaos. Maybe closing another one - the Alaskan Way Viaduct - permanently, as some citizens would like to see, is more feasible that some would have us believe.</p>
Aug 17, 2007   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer