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Leaders in Seattle are considering a plan to offer naming rights to various parks and civic amenities.
Nov 2, 2010   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
This column looks at President-elect Barack Obama's food politics and wonders just how sustainable his administration's food policies will be.
Jan 2, 2009   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Seattle is growing, and it's going to have to start thinking about augmenting its single-family neighborhoods with more multi-unit housing if it wants to keep up with the pace of growth.
Sep 19, 2008   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels recently announced a plan to close off certain roads to cars on Sundays starting this month. Local business owners are worried that closures will keep people away.</p>
Aug 6, 2008   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>Planners in Seattle want to add housing to Little Saigon, a neighborhood with a strong Vietnamese culture, without disrupting the district's character or displacing residents.</p>
Jul 15, 2008   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>Amid complaints of over-sized houses, officials in Seattle are considering enacting tighter regulations on the size of single-family homes.</p>
Jul 2, 2008   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>State County and city officials revealed eight new options for dealing with Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct, a damaged double-decker inner city freeway.</p>
Jun 30, 2008   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>Landscape architect Gary Sexton worked on a tight budget and dodged commissions and regulations to create a beautiful vision for downtown Bremerton (near Seattle).</p>
Jun 25, 2008   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>City officials and local businesses in Seattle are teaming up to offer cash and prizes to residents who limit their car use this summer.</p>
May 23, 2008   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>A recent study from the Washington Public Interest Research Group shows the environmental benefits of public transit.</p>
Mar 9, 2008   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>Local opposition to McMansions in suburban Seattle was prevalent long before arsonists burned down three luxury homes this week. But those opposed to so-called "rural cluster development" housing worry the criminal acts may work against their goals.</p>
Mar 6, 2008   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer