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Metropolitan Atlanta's main daily newspaper has pinned its hopes for survival on suburbia, decamping from downtown to the city's northern suburbs and in the process shedding its urban identity.
Nov 18, 2010   Creative Loafing
<p>After the Georgia Supreme Court ruled the Beltline project could not use school funds from a tax-increment financing funding source, what next?</p>
Feb 25, 2008   Creative Loafing
<p>A streetcar has been proposed for Pechtree Street in Atlanta, but with the bulk of project's funding to come from a tax hike along the streetcar's route, some are concerned that gathering political support will be difficult.</p>
Jan 15, 2008   Creative Loafing
<p>Metropolitan Atlanta could feasibly survive on its own if it were to secede from the state of Georgia, writes Otis White. But as he explains, Atlanta would be much better off as part of the state than as its own, if only there were more cooperation.</p>
Oct 22, 2007   Creative Loafing
<p>With new road-building measures approved and funded in Atlanta, the debate over what to do about the area's traffic and transportation woes is ignoring the severe health impacts of air pollution.</p>
Dec 6, 2006   Creative Loafing
<p>Did the city of Atlanta make a mistake by letting a deal with a mega-developer fall apart or did it have no choice?</p>
Oct 13, 2006   Creative Loafing
In Buckhead, a 6,000 square foot Norman-style house dwarfs its 2,700 square foot neighbors, while the City Council's Zoning Committee defeats the moratorium on "McMansions".
May 11, 2006   Creative Loafing