The Japan Times

Apparently the kids in Japan are just too darn loud. In a country where the old increasingly outnumber the young, crotchety old folks are cracking down on the sounds of childhood.
Jun 7, 2013   The Japan Times
The metro government has decided to restrict development around three historic buildings, in order to preserve views. Some developers object.
May 7, 2006   The Japan Times
Stephen Hese analyzes the environmental record of John Kerry and George Bush.
Oct 29, 2004   The Japan Times
A magnetically levitated train sets a new world speed record in Kyodo, Japan.
Dec 4, 2003   The Japan Times
Seven riddles suggest that there is a secret city beneath Tokyo -- and a government plot to keep it secret.
Mar 18, 2003   The Japan Times
A magnetically levitated (maglev) train -- the world's fastest -- is a popular attraction in Japan.
Jun 13, 2002   The Japan Times
'Bring on Godzilla!' is not the only answer to Tokyo's urban confusion.
Dec 24, 2001   The Japan Times