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New Jersey Transit recently announced plans to buy larger trains and buses to increase the capacity of commute infrastructure into and out of New York City.
Yesterday   Asbury Park Press
Amtrak may work with NJ Transit to build a second set of tunnels (previously known as ARC that was scuttled by NJ Gov. Christie) under the Hudson River, possibly to connect with New York's Penn Station, according to an Amtrak VP and NJ Transit.
Nov 9, 2010   Asbury Park Press
<p>The Katrina Cottage, designed as an alternative to the ubiquitous post-Katrina FEMA trailer, is now gaining popularity nationwide as both an affordable housing solution and a quaint vacation cottage."</p>
Sep 1, 2007   Asbury Park Press
<p>After years of prices spiraling out of control, the National Association of Realtors is suggesting that the housing market is ripe for home buyers looking to get a good deal.</p>
Nov 10, 2006   Asbury Park Press
A small town on the Jersey Shore has turned into a battleground in the eminent domain debate.
May 5, 2006   Asbury Park Press