The Times (UK)

<p>London's new mayor is considering a plan to tone down the city's congestion charge system, reducing fees during certain hours.</p>
Jul 10, 2008   The Times (UK)
<p>Former Russian president Vladimir Putin has announced his intentions to propose that Russia and the United States move forward with plans from the early 20th century to build a 64-mile tunnel between the two countries.</p>
Apr 1, 2008   The Times (UK)
<p>As Mexico City's economy moves from industry to services, it is attracting new businesses but facing a legacy of haphazard infrastructure planning that may threaten its economic prosperity.</p>
Jan 31, 2008   The Times (UK)
<p>Heathrow Airport is set to launch what may be the world's largest trial of a personal rapid transit (PRT) system. The electric "pod cabs" will carry passengers and luggage from a parking area to a new terminal -- a journey of about four minutes.</p>
May 29, 2007   The Times (UK)
While most aspects of the American reconstruction in Iraq is either behind schedule, over budget, or under investigation for fraud, the United States is building a massive "city within a city", an embassy so large it will be visible from space.
May 4, 2006   The Times (UK)