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Nearly 10 years in the works, a connector between Oakland International Airport and the BART transit system is taking shape.
Jan 8, 2012   The Contra Costa Times
<p>The powerful northern California "megaregion" was revealed when it was awarded $840 million by the state Transportation Commission to the amazement and chagrin of southern California, which had been expecting to receive the majority of state funds.</p>
Jan 16, 2008   The Contra Costa Times
<p>Plans to develop a transit village around one of the San Francisco Bay Area's BART stations is gaining support, but some local officials are voicing concerns over the increased load on city infrastructure and services.</p>
Jan 12, 2008   The Contra Costa Times
<p>Beavers that have moved into and made a home of part of a creek in the Bay Area city of Martinez will be allowed to stay, despite the flood threat their dam poses to the city's downtown. Many are calling the beavers the city's new tourist attraction.</p>
Nov 9, 2007   The Contra Costa Times
<p>The key to meeting carbon reduction goals lies in reducing transportation emissions through changing land use. But to do so requires air resources boards and the many metropolitan planning organizations to play key roles.</p>
Nov 8, 2007   The Contra Costa Times
<p>Complaints over parking have led the city of Martinez, California, to realize an affordable housing complex built for seniors has been renting at market rates for years.</p>
Aug 30, 2007   The Contra Costa Times
<p>Wal-Mart has dropped plans to build a "supercenter" store in the East Bay city of Livermore, which has joined many other Northern California cities that have used local powers to prevent the retailer from moving in.</p>
Mar 9, 2007   The Contra Costa Times
<p>The City of Richmond, California, has received a grant from the California Endowment to include a Public Health Element in its General Plan -- one of the first in the state.</p>
Mar 3, 2007   The Contra Costa Times
<p>The Pittsburg, California, City Council has unanimously approved an extension of the city's urban growth boundary to include 1,600 more acres of foothills. This extension was approved by voters in 2005, but some argue the initiative was deceptive.</p>
Jan 19, 2007   The Contra Costa Times
<p>A reporter goes a week without a car in the San Francisco Bay Area in this article about the pros and cons of non-car transport. Though the monetary costs were lower, the cost of time was much higher, especially for an inexperienced transit user.</p>
Dec 24, 2006   The Contra Costa Times
<p>Plans for a statewide system have been in the works for almost a decade, but doubts remain about whether taxpayers will ever want to foot the bill.</p>
Nov 26, 2006   The Contra Costa Times