New Orleans Times-Picayune

Five years after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the Brookings Institution offers an analysis of the city's recovery. This op-ed looks at the report, which finds the city improving, but with many areas needing increased focus.
Aug 17, 2010   New Orleans Times-Picayune
<p>The city council unanimously approved the real estate tycoon's plans for a 70-story hotel and condo tower.</p>
Mar 16, 2007   New Orleans Times-Picayune
<p>Responding to recent criticism, Robert B. Olshansky and Lewis D. Hopkins, professors of urban and regional planning at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, argue that the United New Orleans Plan gets a lot more things right than wrong.</p>
Mar 12, 2007   New Orleans Times-Picayune
<p>As the deadline to file claims came to a close, the city of New Orleans was among thousands to submit a claim indicating they would sue the Army Corps of Engineers for damage caused by levee breaches. The city's claim totals more than $77 billion.</p>
Mar 5, 2007   New Orleans Times-Picayune
<p>A historic New Orleans Catholic church lauded for its engineering ingenuity is now at the crossroads of recovery and respect.</p>
Feb 14, 2007   New Orleans Times-Picayune
One year after the storm, returning New Orleans residents are still trying to find their way -- and their future -- through a maze of well-meaning, but often conflicting efforts to bring their communities back to life.
Sep 9, 2006   New Orleans Times-Picayune
Strategic Hotels & Resorts has proposed a plan to build a 20-acre national jazz center and park in the center of New Orleans, to be designed by Pritzker Prize winner, Thom Mayne.
Jun 4, 2006   New Orleans Times-Picayune
Andres Duany leads a rebuilding team that considers the town a microcosm of New Orleans.
Apr 22, 2006   New Orleans Times-Picayune