Branding a city, writes Scott Doyon, isn't as easy as creating a product brand. Cities already have identities, so a new brand can ring false if it isn't in harmony with reality. Case in point: Dunwoody, Georgia.
Oct 18, 2011   Terrain.org
Rockville Town Square in Rockville, Maryland is a 12.5 acre mixed-use development that, despite being built in 2007 right as the housing crisis happened, is a raging success. Simmons Buntin looks at what developers did right.
Mar 28, 2011   Terrain.org
The spatial needs of commerce and employment are shifting, and cities need to focus on bringing employment centers back to neighborhoods, argues Jay Hoekstra.
Oct 20, 2010   Terrain.org
<p>Terrain.org profiles Bradburn Village, a successful New Urbanist project in Westminster, Colorado. As one resident puts it, 'Bradburn is designed around community.'</p>
Jul 25, 2008   Terrain.org
The ingredients for a lively music scene aren’t just talent and recording studios, but an urban venue of great streets and neighborhoods where artists can interact and draw inspiration.
Sep 14, 2006   Terrain.org
Terrain.org offers a case study of Austin's new six block Second Street District.
Sep 13, 2006   Terrain.org
Bruce Donnelly explores a new way to examine city life that could increase the effectiveness of urban design.
Apr 20, 2006   Terrain.org
Terrain.org interviews the former Secretary of the Interior and "Cities in the Wilderness" author.
Apr 14, 2006   Terrain.org