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Governing Magazine

When it comes to federal appropriations, urban areas in states dominated by rural Republicans are at a distinct disadvantage. In search of lobbying power, metros in affected states are banding together.
Apr 11, 2015   Governing Magazine
Alan Greenblatt reports on increasing chatter among liberal blogs over whether states as a form of government are obsolete, while regional interests are more valid and under-represented.
Oct 29, 2009   Governing Magazine
Writer Ellen Perlman heads to Washington, D.C. to use the new "Where's My Bus?" mobile tracking.
Oct 5, 2009   Governing Magazine
Niagara Falls, NY and Niagara Falls, Ontario are a study in contrasts -- Ontario's a success story of good governance and planning, New York's the complete opposite. Rob Gurwitt has the story.
Sep 23, 2009   Governing Magazine
Alex Marshall points out the fallacy of creating transportation policy based solely on figures like miles traveled per hour, average commuting times, and cost per passenger. Quality of the time spent commuting is rarely taken into account.
Sep 3, 2009   Governing Magazine
An online publisher set out to show that urban farming could be profitable. In her fourth year, she brought in $68k from her half-acre plot in Philadelphia.
Aug 25, 2009   Governing Magazine
In 1993, Jefferson County, Alabama issued $3 billion in bonds to pay for a sewer system that would serve 150,000 people. Today, their financial situation is so bad they've stopped paying creditors and are close to declaring bankruptcy.
Aug 13, 2009   Governing Magazine
City manager of Phoenix Frank Fairbanks talks about how the city created a program to advise residents on how to effectively and creatively reuse old buildings.
Jun 24, 2009   Governing Magazine
Alex Marshall takes a look at Spain's recent record of proactive transportation planning, connecting cities to direct development rather than to connect already successful areas.
Jun 3, 2009   Governing Magazine
Until recently, small regional airports were seen as the wave of the future. But the ailing economy and a variety of other factors are hitting the industry hard, causing closures across the country.
Apr 20, 2009   Governing Magazine
Matthew Klauer had intended to build a 44-room country inn on the 27-acre plot he purchased in Washington, Connecticut. Rejected by locals, Klauer is changing the plan and building 33 small homes using an affordable housing law.
Feb 17, 2009   Governing Magazine