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Winnipeg has been debating -- and studying-- rapid transit for decades. With the first leg of a BRT system finally under construction, critics are questioning the mayor's decision to fund yet another study on LRT.
Apr 23, 2010   The Winnipeg Free Press
Billions of North American birds are killed each year by flying into windows, studies suggest.
Jan 20, 2009   The Winnipeg Free Press
Winnipeg, for years Canada's largest urban center without rapid transit, has just announced the construction of a bus rapid transit system with associated transit-oriented development.
Sep 10, 2008   The Winnipeg Free Press
Its present form taken only 36 years ago with the amalgamation of 12 municipalities, Winnipeg has still to evolve an "urban culture", argues Nick Ternette.
Aug 24, 2008   The Winnipeg Free Press
<p>The Red River Floodway, built in the 1960s to protect the City of Winnipeg from flooding, has been named by the International Association of Macro Engineering Societies as one of the engineering wonders of the world.</p>
Jul 7, 2008   The Winnipeg Free Press
<p>The Winnipeg Free Press responds to the announcement that the city's top planning post has been given to a developer.</p>
Apr 22, 2008   The Winnipeg Free Press
<p>Winnipeg is the first Canadian city to get an Evos climbing structure, which keeps kids challenged while satisfying strict Canadian safety regulations.</p>
Oct 11, 2007   The Winnipeg Free Press
<p>More than 40 years of revitalization efforts have failed to "fix" downtown Winnipeg. Now a host of new developments -- many of them private or the result of downtown campus expansion plans -- may finally create a vibrant core for the city.</p>
Oct 3, 2007   The Winnipeg Free Press
<p>Years of job losses, the expense of paying for services formerly offered by the Provincial government, and an over-reliance on property tax revenue have left Canada's largest city with a huge deficit.</p>
Sep 27, 2007   The Winnipeg Free Press
A recent article in Canada's national newspaper pointing out the sad state of Winnipeg's downtown has ignited debate about what's wrong, and how to fix it. Dallas Hansen believes car culture is to blame.
Mar 3, 2006   The Winnipeg Free Press