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To take advantage of NYC's inclusionary zoning giveaways, developer Extell is including 55 'affordable' units in a luxury condo building planned for Manhattan. Just one hitch: the plan segregates those tenants in their own 'separate entity'.
Aug 20, 2013   The Village Voice
A $200-million hotel project, touted as the first major tourist lodging in the neighborhood since 1966, drifts into obscurity amid corruption charges aimed at the developer.
Feb 6, 2006   The Village Voice
The New York City law restricting "parading without a permit" is ruled unconstitutional, with implications for bikers and other organized groups.
Jan 12, 2006   The Village Voice
Four years later, there are a host of unanswered questions about the events of 9/11, including the unexplained and unprecedented architectural collapses of three office towers, and the extent of toxicity in the air of Lower Manhattan.
Dec 7, 2005   The Village Voice
The borough, which 'once epitomized working class America,' faces intense gentrification.
Apr 29, 2005   The Village Voice
Drilling for oil in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge won't' solve the nation's energy problem argues James Ridgeway.
Mar 18, 2005   The Village Voice
Former developer and transit authority chief Richard Ravitch argues against cheap sale of prime real estate to aid city's bid.
Feb 25, 2005   The Village Voice
A New York court sides with two landlords to evict commnity organizers, and will be a shock to housing advocates.
Jan 26, 2004   The Village Voice
Nathaniel Kahn, son of architect Louis Kahn, poignantly searches for his father through the work left behind by the mysterious builder.
Nov 15, 2003   The Village Voice
The Village Voice reviews a book by a longtime city planner who writes on the decline and possible resurgence of east New York.
Aug 24, 2003   The Village Voice
A government program, "Combat Zones That See" (CTS) would intelligently connect thousands of cameras throughout the nation's cities.
Jul 22, 2003   The Village Voice