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The Village Voice

To take advantage of NYC's inclusionary zoning giveaways, developer Extell is including 55 'affordable' units in a luxury condo building planned for Manhattan. Just one hitch: the plan segregates those tenants in their own 'separate entity'.
Aug 20, 2013   The Village Voice
A public art piece titled "Play Me, I'm Yours" entails putting pianos in public spaces around Manhattan (27 in all) for anyone to sit down and bang out a tune.
May 22, 2010   The Village Voice
Birdbath Bakery in New York has found popularity, and a niche, by offering a 25% discount to cyclists. As New York's bicycling infrastructure grows, businesses that cater to them may thrive.
Sep 21, 2009   The Village Voice
<p>New York's Union Square is the scene of a lively protest featuring Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping. At stake is the square's pavilion, which is set to be transformed into a restaurant.</p>
Jul 3, 2008   The Village Voice
<p>Plans call to remap Coney Island's amusement district as parkland, allowing further amusement and recreational development, but blocking proposed high-rise condo towers.</p>
Nov 9, 2007   The Village Voice
<p>A new film centers on the efforts of one determined inner-city resident to confront the architect who designed the low-income housing project she lives in with her family.</p>
Dec 6, 2006   The Village Voice
NY's Village Voice publishes its non-scientific list of the 10 worst landlords in the city. The worst landlord will surprise you -- HUD. The story also includes "Apartments in Hell" -- photos from the very worst of the apartments.
Jul 19, 2006   The Village Voice
Is the movement a valid attempt to stop 'Home Depot moderne' from infiltrating historic older suburbs, or simply another mechanism to control property rights?
Apr 13, 2006   The Village Voice
Volunteers work from midnight to four in the morning in the bitter cold to find the maximum number of street dwellers.
Mar 15, 2006   The Village Voice
The unattractive finding comes as part of a study linked with a major exhibition on traffic solutions in New York.
Feb 17, 2006   The Village Voice
What event is 'a watershed in human history, comparable to the Neolithic or Industrial revolutions'?
Feb 15, 2006   The Village Voice