Hindustan Times

Rapid urbanization in India will create unplanned cities with poor quality of life unless steps are taken to integrate urban design and planning with governance structures, and primitive planning methods are revamped with the latest technology.
Sep 23, 2012   Hindustan Times
New legislation by the Maharashtra State Governments would allow private land owners to apply for city boundary expansions as a tool to ease congestion.
Dec 27, 2011   Hindustan Times
A study in India has shown that more women gather in public spaces in Mumbai than any other city in the country, even though free and open access continues to be a problem.
May 12, 2010   Hindustan Times
The Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure (Planning and Engineering) Centre (UTTIPEC) has for the first time created pedestrian design guidelines to ensure that walking in the city is a safe and a pleasurable experience.
Dec 6, 2009   Hindustan Times
<p>In the face of a severe housing shortage, a plan has been proposed in New Delhi, India, to rewrite the city's building requirements to allow for buildings to rise higher and house more.</p>
Jan 15, 2007   Hindustan Times
A recent study confirms reveals that long work commutes, be they by car, train, or bus, can significant raise stress levels and impact a person's health.
Aug 9, 2006   Hindustan Times
A high ranking government official takes a critical look at the orthodoxy behind the fight against urban decay in India's cities.
Aug 9, 2006   Hindustan Times
A columnist for the Hindustan Times argues that planners have ignored possible problems with the project in the name of progress.
Mar 3, 2006   Hindustan Times
With rampant globalization and growth, Indian architects and developers are using as many established planning models as they can -- including 'New Jersey Suburban'.
Jan 28, 2006   Hindustan Times