The Buffalo News

Two years after Governor Andrew Cuomo outlined an ambitious 10-year, $1 billion effort to revive the Buffalo Niagara economy, the areas targeted for investment are beginning to become clear, reports David Robinson.
Jan 31, 2014   The Buffalo News
Frank Lloyd Wright's mural will become the focus of a cultural tour. (Includes photos.)
Aug 20, 2005   The Buffalo News
Despite years of quick fixes, Buffalo's decline continues. Is it time for a major 'state-wide surgery'?
Apr 15, 2005   The Buffalo News
A travelling exhibit offers a preview of the design for the 9-11 Memorial.
Mar 31, 2005   The Buffalo News
Seventy-six years after he conceived it, a design by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright comes to life.
Oct 22, 2004   The Buffalo News
Sprawling suburbs have changed the lifestyle of Americans.
Sep 14, 2004   The Buffalo News
Buffalo, NY, is a "clear example" of what happens to a city suffering from the impact of sprawl.
Jun 7, 2004   The Buffalo News
In the designated no-plea zone, the rules are new and tougher, and they are sending out a strong message: Commit a crime and you'll do the time.
Mar 13, 2004   The Buffalo News
Is it possible to merge Buffalo and Erie County?
Feb 15, 2004   The Buffalo News
Facing falling population and continuing economic decline Erie County Executive proposes merging the government of the City of Buffalo with the County's, to create a new regional government.
Feb 13, 2004   The Buffalo News
Buffalo seeks $5M in federal transportation funds for waterfront venture.
Jan 21, 2004   The Buffalo News