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The Buffalo News

Solar panel company SolarCity unveiled plans for one of the largest solar panel factories to open in Buffalo, New York, forecasting almost 3,000 jobs for the factory alone.
Sep 27, 2014   The Buffalo News
A pro-smart growth group in Lockport, NY attempted to stop a WalMart Supercenter from being built in their town, but the state supreme court rejected their appeal.
Feb 25, 2010   The Buffalo News
The Planning Board of Buffalo has urged the developers of a new hotel on the waterfront to make design changes so that it looks less "bunkerlike".
Jun 5, 2009   The Buffalo News
<p>Bethlehem Steel left 25 years ago, but a new, mysterious energy company is brining a glimmer of hope to Lackawanna, New York. The proposed plant, to be built on Bethlehem's brownfields, would convert petroleum coke into synthetic gas.</p>
Jun 18, 2008   The Buffalo News
<p>Former Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist visits Buffalo to protest state DOT's plan to expand freeway infrastructure on city's Outer Harbor, calls for demolition of elevated freeway and replacement with at-grade urban boulevard.</p>
Sep 11, 2007   The Buffalo News
<p>The region appears ready to adopt a plan that will discourage unsustainable development.</p>
Apr 19, 2007   The Buffalo News
<p>Buffalo, New York, is proposing a way to require banks to take responsibility for abandoned homes and partial foreclosures. Many are hoping that this requirement would help to keep up neighborhoods that would otherwise decline as homes are abandoned.</p>
Mar 23, 2007   The Buffalo News
<p>One commentator from Upstate New York ponders the increasing phenomenon of competing drug store chains popping up on the corners of suburban intersections.</p>
Jan 3, 2007   The Buffalo News
A unrealized 1905 design by Frank Lloyd Wright is resurrected from the dead -- celebrities donate money to help fund the construction, which will be erected on the shores of Lake Erie.
Jan 15, 2006   The Buffalo News
The mile-long elevated highway, once hailed as a remarkable achievment is now seen by some as a barrier to development of Buffalo's waterfornt.
Oct 20, 2005   The Buffalo News
East Aurora, a suburb of Buffalo, says no to big box attempts to change the small town feel it guards.
Oct 2, 2005   The Buffalo News