The Next American City

In the last ten years, more than two thirds of poverty growth has happened in suburban areas of American cities. According to Brookings', social services such as transit have failed to keep up in the face of decreasing tax revenue.
Oct 16, 2010   The Next American City
<p>As Asia ascends, we can learn a lot from how they preserve their past and celebrate the historic urban form.</p>
Oct 19, 2006   The Next American City
Daniel Brooks writes about creative types struggle in our post-industrial cities and how the old paradigm of the "art scene" no longer holds sway.
Aug 15, 2006   The Next American City
Philadelphia is set to become the largest city in the nation with casinos, but boosters worry that the gaming venues won't fit with the city's recent revitalization.
Aug 10, 2006   The Next American City
With the suburban lifestyle clearing entrenched in the American mainstream, planners should stop criticizing suburban living and help address the environmental and societal problems that face the nation's low-density communities.
Aug 7, 2006   The Next American City
As television uses more and more suburban settings, viewers should ask how closely do the on-screen places resemble reality.
Aug 7, 2006   The Next American City
Trains have played a large role in shaping America's past, and will have a big impact on her future as rail transit continues to change the way we think about urban growth.
Jul 14, 2006   The Next American City
In the begining there was the duty-free shop. These days, though, airports contain a multitude of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, essentially doubling as a suburban mall.
Jul 13, 2006   The Next American City
Sacramento's MPO thinks it's time to re-establish the old link between public health and city planning. But is smart growth really healthier? And whose responsibility is it to build healthy cities anyways?
Jul 12, 2006   The Next American City
From the Inuit to the City of Portland, a chorus of local entities are fed up with the lack of environmental initiatives and standards set at the national level, especially as pertaining to transportation-caused pollution, and many have begun to sue.
Jun 8, 2006   The Next American City
How and why Minneapolis built the nation's largest skyway system.
Jan 11, 2006   The Next American City